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Trish Dent

Cooking Classes

Heal your Gut Workshop
How to re-boot your immune system and find the road to better health

Saturday 22nd April 2017

10am to 2.30pm
Our digestive systems are compromised with the over-use of antibiotics both in ourselves and in the animal foods that we eat. Antibiotics and other chemicals destroy the beneficial bacteria in our gut and allow the “bad guys” to dominate. Our immune system resides mainly in our gut, so the result is a weakened immune system.  If you suffer from bloating, IBS, inflammatory-related diseases or health issues, you probably need to address how and what you are eating. Weight problems may also be a side effect of poor gut health.
During this class we:
  • Explore in depth the steps you need to take to get your diet and health back on track.
  • Demonstrate tasty dairy- and wheat-free meals and snacks, night-shade free and more.
  • Share a healthy gut healing lunch that we prepare together
  • Discuss strategies to promote your beneficial bacteria.
A comprehensive handout of the day, including recipes, will be provided to all participants
Discover the road to better health.
Each class is limited to 6 participants.
Venue is Spexhall, a peaceful rural location three miles from Halesworth in Suffolk.
Cost  £60. A deposit of £20 on booking is required

Wild Fermentation
Saturday 10th June 2017
10am to 2.30pm
Culturing the good bugs in your own home to heal your gut and strengthen your immune system. Making raw food more digestible with fermenting (including sauerkraut), light pickling, pressing, sprouting and more. Fermenting flours to create crackers and breads. Over 2,500 years ago, Hippocrates said:  "I know, too, that the body is affected differently by bread according to the manner in which it is prepared...the influence of each process is considerable and each has a totally different effect from another." He was talking about culturing the good bacteria to aid your gut, the seat of your immune system. Heal this and you will be healing your whole body.
Sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) is not only healing for your intestines, it is richer in vitamin C than the cabbage from which it is made. We’ll prepare and taste kimchi and other fermented vegetables as well…bring a glass screw-top jar for your vegetable ferment that you’ll take home.
We’ll also make the wonderful healing kvass using beetroot from my garden, a drink packed with vitamins and beneficial bacteria. There will also be kefir and kefir cheese and cheese created from fermented nuts and seeds.
Venue is Spexhall, a peaceful rural location three miles from Halesworth in Suffolk.
Cost £60. A deposit of £20 on booking is required

About these classes/workshops
These are hands-on cooking workshops. I discuss and demonstrate what and why in relation to the focus of each class. Recipes and supporting information will be provided on the day, in the form of a comprehensive “handout”.
We prepare a variety of dishes using organic and locally sourced foods as much as possible; some produce comes from my garden. We then eat lunch and discuss diet, food, the menu and any other food-related topics that come up. Unless otherwise stated, the meals are generally free from animal products.
Note that each class begins at 10am sharp. You’re welcome to arrive a little early.

Please bring with you:
  • Sharp knife for cutting vegetables
  • Apron
  • Pen and notepad (you will be given recipes and supporting information on the day)
  • Indoor shoes or slippers
  • Container so that you can take samples of food that has been prepared home (2 or 3 small plastic boxes or glass jars). For Fermentation class, please bring a screw-top glass jar.

Contact Trish for details and to register for a workshop.
Trish Dent: 01986 780939 or email shiatsutrish@btinternet.com