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Trish Dent

Cooking Workshops

Wild about Fermentation  
Saturday 10th February 2018 
10 am to 3.15 pm
Venue: Station House, Campsea Ashe, Woodbridge IP13 0PT (The Easterling Room at Wickham Market Station). Click to view location

Fermentation of foods for our health is now mainstream news. Fermented foods are rich in bacteria that benefit our guts and are often rich in enzymes and vitamins.  In this workshop:
  •  I’ll share the benefits of culturing and consuming good bacteria
  •  The do’s and don’ts of making ferments safely
  •  You’ll make your vegetable ferment to take home
  •  We’ll share lunch, rich in fermented foods
  • You get to taste a range of fermented foods and drinks
  •  Why soaking and sprouting is essential for your wellbeing; plus how to soak effectively 
  •  I’ll show you an easy-peasy way to make almond milk
  •  Natural prebiotic foods

I’ll also show you how to make wonderful healing drinks: beetroot kvass, packed with vitamins and beneficial bacteria; and kefir, made from local raw milk or coconut milk. Full notes provided.

This is a hands-on workshop. I discuss and demonstrate what and why. Recipes and supporting information will be provided on the day in the form of a comprehensive “handout”.
Price £69 includes tasters, lunch and a ferment and handout to take home. A deposit of £30 secures your place. email shiatsutrish@btinternet.com to book. 

Heal your Gut Workshop 
How to re-boot your immune system and find the road to better health 
Saturday 24th February 2108 
10am to 2.30pm
Our digestive systems are compromised with the over-use of antibiotics both in ourselves and in the animal foods that we eat. Antibiotics and other chemicals destroy the beneficial bacteria in our gut and allow the “bad guys” to dominate. Our immune system resides mainly in our gut, so the result is a weakened immune system.  If you suffer from bloating, IBS, inflammatory-related diseases or health issues, you probably need to address how and what you are eating. Weight problems may also be a side effect of poor gut health.
During this class we: 

  • Explore in depth the steps you need to take to get your diet and health back on track.
  • Strategies and recipes to heal and restore your gut health.
  • Demonstrate tasty dairy- and wheat-free meals and snacks, night-shade free and more.
  • Share a healthy gut healing lunch that we prepare together.
  • Discuss strategies to promote your beneficial bacteria. 
  • A comprehensive handout of the day, including recipes, will be provided to all participants. 
This class is limited to 6 participants. 
Venue is Spexhall, a peaceful rural location three miles from Halesworth in Suffolk. 
Cost  £65. A deposit of £30 on booking is required.

Contact Trish for details and to register for a workshop.
Trish Dent: 01986 780939 or email shiatsutrish@btinternet.com